EYAM is a game about a small town of the same name.
The town has been hit with THE PLAGUE and the people are suffering.
As the major of this town it is your job to keep the population alive.

Try and spread out the population, build and upgrade HOUSES to help grow your population but keep in mind that the more people you have the higher the chances of infection.

GRAVE sites gather corpses from HOUSES automatically, this helps contain THE PLAGUE. Corpses are highly contagious and help spread THE PLAGUE to neighbouring tiles.

HOUSES are initially EMPTY, RESIDENTS migrate from ADJACENT houses (Not diagonally).

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There needs be a wa to cure people of the plague or at least make it possible to stop it from occuring. I say this because it seems like the plague spreads and kills all the residents before they can even start to reproduce. If ya cant do that then at least make a way to get rid of the infected before the plague can spread. All im saying is that it seems your domed to fail. so please, take this comment into account

Hey, Thanks for the feedback! I have been actively working on improvements to make the game more interactive, coherent and engaging. One of those improvements revolves around reducing the spread of the plague and dealing more effectively with dead people and infected. As it stands you are indeed doomed to fail in the long run but that will change soon.

Please keep an eye out for the update and I hope you will give it another try at that time.